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Train With Crystal's Fit Team

Get In Shape With Crystal's Fitness

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Get In Shape With Crystal's Fitness

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Train With Crystal's Fit Team

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Train With Crystal's Fit Team

In-Person Training

1 ON 1 PERSONAL TRAINING(1 person at a time):

In-person personal training is great for busy business professionals, stay at home moms, retirees, and others. An individualized program will be developed based on your individual health and fitness goals. Can meet at your home, community fitness center, and/or local gym.  If at your home, trainer will bring and/or suggest all necessary equipment.

Screening: Must qualify with health history form, Par-Q, waiver, and doctor’s note, if needed, to begin sessions.

PARTNER TRAINING* (2 people at a time):

Partner Training is training designed for 2 people to be trained at one time.

Fitness Assessments:

Full assessment includes: Body Stat (body composition w/ calipers & circumference measurements), Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular Endurance     

Nutritional Analysis:

Includes current diet analysis, individualized eating plan of daily caloric needs w/ protein, carbohydrates, and fat based on your goals and activity level (based on ADA).


Small Group Training involves those who have workout space at their place of work, home, park, or fitness center where we will come lead a group of 3-5 people or more through a workout.  Workshops work best for on-location events including retreats, church groups, secretary’s day, athletic/sports fitness training, and more.

  • Group Training (3-5 person min.)
  • Workshops (may include both public speaking, equipment, and workout combined)


Both In-person & Online Training!  Includes meal plan, in-person, & online training with app – 3 customized workouts per week online & one in person training session each week (4 sessions/mo at 1x/week) to keep you on track.

  • 1 on 1 training hybrid
  • Partner training hybrid

*Please complete the New Client Questionnaire Form (CLICK HERE) to give me the info needed to create your customized workout and meal plan.”