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Train With Crystal's Fit Team

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Train With Crystal's Fit Team

Alethea Oliver

Train with Alethea

Alethea’s passion for fitness started in high school. She did track and field, that is where she discovered her love for distance running, marching band, and basketball. She also had a love for science and the medical field. 

So, later in life, she continued on an ever changing path to get back to her first love of fitness.

Here she is now, 33 years old and feeling fabulous. She’s a mother of 3 energetic children and a wife to a loving husband of 10 years.

With 5 years of fitness training experience and an Athletics and Fitness Association of America’s (AFAA) Certified Personal Trainer certification; she looks forward to training those from beginners up to those who are already fit. While also holding an 8 year certification as a surgical scrub technician, she has an increased knowledge of why it’s so important to have and live a healthy lifestyle that works for you. It is a pleasure for her to design fun fitness workouts and enjoy seeing the results of each of her clients. 

With little or no equipment, She can train you with what is available. She will show you how exercise can be made fun, easy, and doable at your fitness level.She trains for health and wellness first and the body goals are sure to follow.

From simple breathing to proper form, you will get the know how to get healthy and stay healthy. She trains so you can retain it !

It’s only hard when you don’t do the work!