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Get In Shape With Crystal's Fitness

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Train With Crystal

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New! Crystal’s Fitness is now using the Crystal’s Fitness Online Training App (via Trainerize) as a tool for your online training workouts. Each workout will be personalized and can be accessed online via the web or mobile device. This will help make things more convenient and allow you to stay on top of your goals! Your workouts will be sent to you via the Crystal’s Fitness App; which is free to download with your android/Apple device. Each workout will be scheduled on the calendar days that work best for you. Plus, you may also communicate with your trainer, just in case adjustments are needed.


12 week programs-Fitness Training Plans 100% online with Crystal’s Fitness App! Four options to choose from: weight loss, body sculpting, strength training, and customized training. Client can choose to do workout only, include meal plan, and/or add skype/phone coaching.

1) Weight Loss-workouts designed to train the total body with circuit and cardio specific training. This program is great for anyone who has 20+ lbs. to lose. Will include up to 20 workouts per month.
2) Body Sculpting-workouts designed to target the upper and lower body on separate days of the week and sculpt the body for a lean and tone appearance. These workouts are best for anyone with less than 20lb to lose and target upper/body areas to tone. Will include up to 20 workouts per month.
3) Strength Training-for anyone looking to build muscle to the body frame and reduce body fat in the process. Training is streamlined to help build a leaner and/or muscular physique. Also, great for people who want to build a “shape” versus the skinnier appearance.
4) Customized Training-When you want a plan designed for your specific needs, schedule, and training level. Meal plan can also be designed with your special dietary needs in mind.

*Please complete the New Client Questionnaire Form (CLICK HERE) to give me the info needed to create your customized workout and meal plan.”