How to build a home fitness center on $100 or less

Have you ever had a time where you just couldn’t make it to the gym?  It could have been due to working long work hours, work from home, long commute, or maybe you are on a tight budget.  Well, I’m sure we have all been there and have even thought, “maybe I need to start working out from home”?  So, here are a few great suggestions on how to build a home fitness center on $100 or less.

First  off, I would highly suggest investing in equipment that would allow you to work out all the major muscle groups.  My #1 pick is Spri The Original Xertube or Braided Tubing that you can order online at or find easily at most Dick’s Sporting goods.  There are other brands, but I feel Spri are of high quality and are the most durable.  The resistance ranges from Very Light to Ultra Heavy and can start as low as $14.98 and up.  More advanced exercises like the Braided Tubing due to its durability.  You may want to buy a few different resistance bands for variety.

Then, I would recommend “Balls”!  You will definitely want to order a Professional Plus Xercise Ball that can start around $40 Online, but can also be as low as $5 at Five Below.  Most people call them Stability Balls and you can perform many difference core and strength training exercises on them.  Then, you may want to consider buying some weighted resistance like a dumbbell or a Medicine Ball starting at 2lb and up and again can be bought at Five Below or

Lastly, a jump rope is a great piece of equipment to help add variety to your cardio mix.   Jump ropes can be found almost anywhere, including Walmart, Target, and various other stores.  So, there you have it-resistance bands, Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells, and a jump rope!  Have fun with it and no excuses!


Crystal Smith, NASM CPT